Worried about your A/C?

Don’t sweat it. Coast Motor Werk has your back.

BMW Air Conditioning in Orange CountyAre you ready to have the coolest summer ever? Coast Motor Werk can make it happen by ensuring your vehicle’s air conditioning is up to the task.

Your A/C system is kind of like that friend-of-a-friend with a boat. All winter, you ignore him like you forgot his name. But when summer approaches, suddenly you’re calling him daily, using him as often as possible, and most importantly, you expect him to be there when you’re ready to go for a cruise. 

Putting your A/C to work in the summer after neglecting it all winter can lead to some surprises. (And if you’re the friend with a boat, you can probably relate to your air conditioner’s struggle.)

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Your BMW’s air conditioning system is just like the one in your home – it needs maintenance. The belts, filters, compressor, evaporator, Freon, drains, A/C condenser, blower motor and electric fans all work together to make sure you stay cool on hot days. One faulty part might cause you to break into a sweat, but it can also lead to further damage within the system. Keeping this system properly maintained will help to ensure a comfortable ride and keep your repair costs down.

Count on CMW to inspect the condition of your drive belts, micro-filter, and Freon level to give you the coolest summer vacations ever. We can’t guarantee your kids won’t have a meltdown, but we can guarantee they won’t literally melt. And if you don’t have kids, you want to keep that hot date thinking you’re cool, don’t you?

Cruise in to one of Coast Motor Werk’s Southern California locations to have a mobile air conditioning specialist make sure your system is ready for a summer of abuse, so that it doesn’t abuse your wallet later on.

What’s That Smell?

BMW Air Conditioning in Orange CountyAre you getting a musty smell like you left your wet clothes in the washing machine too long? This can often be indicative of mold growth in your A/C duct system.

Your carbon-activated micro-filter can absorb moisture. Over time this can develop into a foul smell coming through your vents. It’s a good idea to replace this filter every year to maintain proper airflow and prevent foul odors.

Ever notice that large puddle of water forming underneath your car on a humid day? That dripping comes from the evaporator housing, another common source for unpleasant odors.

The evaporator housing is exposed to a lot of moisture as you run your air conditioning. Over time, this moisture can develop into mildew and cause nasty odors. Coast Motor Werk can provide a deodorizer and flushing procedure to completely neutralize and eliminate the bad guys living in your evaporator.

BMW Air Conditioning in Orange County | Coast Motor Werk

Rolling the windows down isn’t always enough to keep you cool, especially in Southern California traffic.
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