Core Values


We are dedicated to helping our customers maintain their vehicles in a safe and reliable condition by making them aware of all needed service and repair issues so they can make better and more-informed decisions about what services they want and when.


We are specialists in MINI and BMW vehicles, and our technicians have many years of experience with BMW vehicles as factory-trained technicians at BMW/MINI dealerships or as technicians at other BMW aftermarket repair facilities. Our technicians collaborate as a team to support each other, ensuring our customers’ vehicles always get the best technical attention.


We will recommend when specific repairs should be made based on the customer’s driving characteristics and budget. Our employees are paid salaries for the work they do and are not paid commissions for additional issues they may uncover in the course of doing the work requested by customers.


We are passionate about providing high quality service to our customers. This includes clean and comfortable customer facilities and easy access to rental cars.


We commit to stand behind the work we do and use BMW/MINI-approved methods and products when, in our best judgment, it is in the best interests of our customers and their vehicles. If we find in the course of performing the requested repairs that our original estimate will be exceeded, we will seek approval from the customer for the increase before we incur the costs.


We recommend parts and service to maximize the long term reliability of our customers’ vehicles. We use fair retail prices for parts and our posted current labor rate. We use non-BMW/MINI products only when we believe they are equal or better in quality and offer a better value.


Again, our employees are not paid commission on additional issues they may uncover in the course of doing their work, so there’s no incentive to add unnecessary repairs to your car. We get you in right away, and most of our repairs can be done same-day. We are all about convenience to you, the customer.