BMW Oil Gasket Repair

Oil gasket failure is caused from a loss of oil and/or lack of lubrication. A gasket is a shaped piece or ring (usually made out of rubber) sealing the junction between two surfaces in an engine or other device.

BMW Repair in Coto de Caza Coast Motor Werk Repair Service Maintenance Mechanics MINI BMW CMW BMW oil gasket repairEngine oil being deposited onto any of the rubber parts will swell the rubber and cause it to soften, deteriorate and break away. Gaskets that tend to leak over time are valve cover gaskets, timing cover gaskets, and transmission gaskets.

Gasket failure can be caused by:

  • Engine overheating
  • Shops reusing drain plugs when they perform oil changes
  • Oil failure

Signs of possible oil gasket failure include:

  • a burning oil smell
  • spotting on garage floor or driveway

When you take your BMW in for an oil change and the car is mounted, the mechanic should be giving your car a complete visual inspection – not to create a sale, but to keep you informed as to your car’s condition. The master mechanics at Coast Motor Werk will perform a thorough inspection every time you bring your BMW into one of our Orange County locations.

Coast Motor Werk – BMW Oil Gasket Repair

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