BMW Engine Repair in Orange CountyBMW Engine Repair

  • Is your oil pressure light flickering?
  • Are you adding oil frequently?
  • Is your temperature light on?
  • Do you hear a knocking or tapping sound under the hood?
  • Do you have excessive smoke coming out of the tailpipe? (White, black, or blue smoke – all can be indicators of engine trouble)
  • Have you experienced a major loss in power in your car?
  • Is your car running roughly?
  • Has your fuel mileage dropped suddenly?

All of the above are common symptoms of engine problems in your BMW. It is important if you see any of these signs to contact your trusted BMW mechanic immediately. The longer you wait, the worse the problems may get – costing you more hassle, AND more money in the long run.

Because we specialize in BMWs, we are experts at quick and easy diagnostics. And when you call, we will get you in right away.

Here’s what some of those symptoms might mean:

Smoke Coming out of the Tailpipe

Excessive white smoke is generally the result of coolant and water entering the combustion chamber and often indicates a blown head gasket or damaged cylinder head.

Black smoke indicates that either too much fuel or not enough air is entering the combustion chamber.

Blue smoke is indicative of engine oil getting past sealing surfaces either due to wear and tear or something broken. This could be the result of worn or broken valve guides in the cylinder heads, or worn, collapsed, or broken piston rings.

An increase in oil consumption should tip you off that one of these problems may be on the horizon.

Banging or Tapping Noises

This is one you can’t ignore. If it sounds like someone is banging a hammer under your hood, get your BMW to the shop right away. These noises often come from the bottom of your engine indicating a bearing failure at the crankshaft or at the piston wrist pins.

The good news is, if you get prompt attention for your car, the engine is likely still serviceable, meaning that no irreparable damage has been done to the engine block, cylinder heads, or crankshaft; however, let it go and you may find yourself stranded on the side of the road with big problems.

Loss of Power

A gradual loss in power over years and several thousand miles is an expected part of normal wear and tear. However, a sudden and major loss in power can indicate a serious problem with your engine and should be addressed right away.

Give us a call and we’ll let you know if driving your BMW in is okay, or if having it towed in would be a better idea.

BMW Engine Repair in Orange County – Coast Motor Werk

Coast Motor Werk offers BMW engine repair in our Huntington Beach and Irvine locations. We are not only BMW experts, but owners and enthusiasts just like you.

Our mechanics have been hand-picked by Coast Motor Werk as the best of the best. We chose them because of their knowledge, experience, and genuine passion for BMWs. They make it their business to know every nut and bolt in your car because knowing BMWs is the key to effectively servicing them.

Our technicians are friendly professionals who promise to be honest and upfront with you at all times, and to always act within the best interests of the customer according to your budget and individual needs…with the ultimate goal of extending the life of your BMW for many years to come.

At Coast Motor Werk we pay our technicians salary. This is important because most dealership employees are paid commission, resulting in a “looking out for number one” attitude – as well as often the unethical practice of selling the customer on repairs they don’t really need, so the technician can make more money.

We emphasize quality over quantity, recommending only what is needed, and keeping everything on the up and up with our customers. Our technicians are encouraged to collaborate with one another to provide the most accurate diagnostics and repairs for each BMW we service.

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