BMW Transmission Repair in Orange County

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BMW Transmission Repair in Orange County

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Coast Motor Werk is pleased to provide a place for BMW owners to bring their sweet rides and receive premier BMW services, repairs, and maintenance in Orange County – without having to endure the hassles, delays, and costs of the dealership!

We specialize in BMWs, so our mechanics know every nut and bolt in your car…literally. Not only are they knowledgeable and experienced BMW mechanics (some might call them obsessed), but they are Bimmer owners and enthusiasts just like you! They will treat your beloved Bimmer as though it were their own. (That’s why we hand-picked these guys ourselves!)

We feel privileged to do what we do, so we are always happy to pass along our plethora of information – because the more you know about your BMW, the better you can take care of it and extend its lifetime.

If you think your BMW is having transmission-related problems, call or stop by one of our locations today. We’ll get you in right away!

BMW Transmission Repair in Orange County

Your BMW will either be equipped with a manual transmission or an automatic transmission/CVT (constant velocity transmission). First things first: know what type of transmission your BMW has, in order to determine the required maintenance.

Please be aware that although your car’s service manual may recommend no real service on transmission fluid changes, we advise, for the longevity of your car, that you have the transmission fluid changed at least every 75,000 miles. It’s not uncommon for some Bimmer owners to have their car’s transmission fluid changed every 30,000 miles.

Here’s why it’s so important to have that fluid changed: As the transmission is used, wear and tear occurs. As a result of that wear and tear, small metal particles break off and float in the oil. And while most cars are built with filters and magnets to draw out the metal particles and keep the oil relatively pure, there will eventually be some contamination, which will cause the transmission components to wear out.

Here are some telltale signs that your BMW’s transmission may need repair:

  1. Your check engine light or check transmission light comes on. You may or may not feel a driving concern at this point, but you need to get the car in for an inspection because if left untouched, it will eventually affect drivability as well as emissions. And here in Orange County, we like to keep our air as clean as possible.
  2. Fluid leakage on the ground. Check in your garage or on your driveway and if there’s fluid there, then it is likely lowering the transmission fluid levels, which can lead to transmission failure.
  3. Drivability concerns, such as:
    • The car shudders when you accelerate
    • Slippage – when you press on the gas and the engine revs but you aren’t moving forward yet
    • The car is shifting gears earlier or later than it used to
    • You floor it and it doesn’t go into passing gear
    • You hear a growl when accelerating

If you notice any of the above problems, or have any other concerns about your BMW, please contact us today. We will get you in right away, most of our repairs can be done same day, and we are confident you’ll be amazed at both our facilities and our customer service. We look forward to meeting you!

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