Why is an alignment from CMW so important?

Has someone at the tire shop ever told you, “Sure, we can align your car – it’s only $65”? In the industry, we call that line the “toe and go” treatment.
Laguna Beach BMW Repair Coast Motor Werk Repair Service Maintenance Mechanics MINI BMW CMW Orange County BMW AlignmentThat $65 means they do just one thing for your car – adjusting the front toe (removing the “pigeon-toe” effect) and nothing else.
They don’t check the ride height, or the weight and balance of the car, or ensure that the camber, toe, and caster are all within BMW’s very tight specifications.
Also, many shops don’t know how to align BMWs properly, so that the cars provide driver feedback and handling characteristics as BMW intended – not to mention making sure that you get the most mileage possible out of your tires.

Coast Motor Werk | Orange County BMW Alignment

You bought a BMW because it’s the Ultimate Driving Machine, right?

Orange County BMW AlignmentThe only way to keep your piece of precision German engineering running perfectly is a crew of experienced, helpful and (mostly) handsome mechanics like us, who know what your BMW needs from bumper to bumper.
At CMW we start by loading the car onto our exclusive BMW alignment rack, weigh the car down to simulate passengers, adjust the ride height on each corner, and then begin the alignment.
With adjustments to all four corners, the camber, caster, toe, and steering wheel are all adjusted to BMW’s exact specifications.
We’ll also perform the following tasks:
  • Road testing
  • Adjusting tire pressures
  • Resetting and adjusting adaptive headlights
  • Adjusting steering angle sensor (if necessary)
At CMW, we don’t just look after your alignment, we’ll talk to you about your driving habits and customize the alignment to suit your style. If you’re going to spend $1,000 or more on those new run-flat tires, it’s always great insurance to make sure the alignment is spot on!
Your BMW or MINI was engineered to drive unlike anything else out there from the ground up. It’s critical that an alignment be performed when you get new tires, or every 30k miles. (Of course, if you’re only driving on freshly paved roads, it could go longer, but have you seen the 405 lately?) CMW also stands behind our alignments for a full year – assuming you can stay away from those curbs!

What are Customers Saying About Orange County BMW Alignment at Coast Motor Werk?

“Thank you for everything George. You went above and beyond to help me with my alignment issues with my 650 and I appreciate that. CMW’s customer satisfaction is second to none.”

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