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Newport Beach’s Ultimate BMW Experience

Newport Beach BMW RepairCoast Motor Werk has been serving Newport Beach Bimmers like you since 2005. The business was born out of a strong desire by a BMW enthusiast to provide better service than any other shop – including the dealership – and to give Newport Beach BMWs and their owners the care and attention they deserve.

Evidently we had a good idea, because it quickly and consistently brought in new customers. We constantly strive to improve OUR service and YOUR experience.

You own the Ultimate Driving Machine…You deserve the Ultimate Service Experience. 

Get your Newport Beach BMW repair, service, and maintenance from none other than Coast Motor Werk.

Why is CMW Newport Beach’s Ultimate BMW Experience?

A lot of reasons, really. Let us break it down for you here:

Less Time.

We are well aware of the dealership experience, because we’ve all been there. Any of this sound familiar?

You call to make an appointment to have your BMW serviced. They’re unable to get you in for another week or two. So you wait. Once you finally get in, you’re stuck there for an hour, just waiting to drop off your car. If you need a loaner, you have to wait even longer. Then you may need to wait a couple of days to get your car back (and it might not even be fixed!).

Wait, wait, wait.

Not with Coast Motor Werk! Call, walk in, or go online to schedule an appointment and we’ll get you in right away. Drop off time is quick, unless of course you wish to speak to a technician (which, by the way, is pretty much forbidden at the dealership).

You are more than welcome to wait in our comfortable waiting room, which looks remarkably like an inviting living room, sip some coffee and whatnot (Note: Visit our restroom, it is probably cleaner than yours! Women come from far and wide just to take a peek at our loo, no joke). Or if you wish to go on with your day, we’ll hook you up with a rental car in a jiffy.

Most of our services and repairs can be done same-day, so you’ll be back in the driver’s seat of your beloved Bimmer in time to pick up the kids from soccer practice!

Less Money.

Call us magicians, miracle workers, whatever. The plain truth is, we are able to save our Newport Beach customers a LOT of money. Many of our services and repairs cost up to half the price of the dealership!

And we don’t do unnecessary repairs. Read on.

Less Pressure.

You may or may not have known this, but most dealership employees are paid on commission. That means the more services and repairs they sell, the more money they make. That means the technicians are not motivated to work together as a team, because they are actually in competition with one another! AND they are more likely to sell you on unnecessary repairs – or, conversely, not take the time to do diagnostics on complicated problems that they may not collect on right away.

Ever felt pressured by your mechanic to do certain repairs, feeling unsure about whether you should trust them? Most of us don’t have the highly technical knowledge a mechanic has, so how would you even know if they’re telling you the truth?

More Care, Better Service.

Our waiting rooms and restrooms are clean, comfortable, and inviting. Our staff is friendly. Our technicians are awesome at what they do. They are not just BMW mechanics, they are BMW owners and enthusiasts just like you! And since we specialize in BMWs, we are able to diagnose quickly and accurately, provide the appropriate services and repairs for your car, taking into consideration such factors as your budget and how the car is driven.

We do it right the first time, and take great care to ensure your experience is unparalleled.

So give us a call, stop by one of our locations, or schedule an appointment on our website – we look forward to building a lasting relationship with you!

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