Welcome to Coast Motor Werk!

You want something better for your MINI, right?

Something better than the dealership’s subpar service, maintenance and repairs?

Coast Motor Werk is that place.

Coast Motor Werk is so much more than a second-rate dealership or greasy garage. Our services are provided by expert mechanics. You won’t have a long wait to meet with a member of our team. And our clean, comfortable lounge makes the waiting seem even shorter!

Don’t wait – bring your MINI in today!

At Coast Motor Werk, we live by 7 Core Values:


Honesty is our #1 value for a reason. We’ve all heard stories of dealerships and mechanics overcharging and ripping off innocent customers. The Coast Motor Werk team hates that just as much as you do. Actually, we hate it more – those guys are giving people like us a bad name!

We don’t just want customers, we want customers for life. That starts by building trust every time you bring your MINI to us. You’ll get the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth from our team!

MINI engine Repair Coast Motor Werk Repair Service Maintenance Mechanics MINI BMW CMW San Clemente MINI RepairIntegrity

A wise man once defined integrity as “doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”

At Coast Motor Werk, doing the right thing for your MINI means thorough and efficient repairs to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

And to prove that we don’t mind if you are watching, we’ll save your old, broken MINI parts for you after we replace them so you can see what the problem was. You can even take them home as souvenirs if you’re feeling nostalgic.


Shops like ours don’t get a 5-star rating on Yelp if the mechanics don’t do a good job. Our team loves MINIs just as much as you do. We get a thrill when we see MINIs on the road in Costa Mesa and throughout Orange County – because we drive them too!


The Coast Motor Werk team has decades of combined experience working on MINIs. Our mechanics work together to diagnose any problem you have quickly and fix it right the first time.


MINI Repair and Service in Costa MesaCoast Motor Werk mechanics are paid on salary, not on commission like those guys at the dealership. This means we are focused on fixing your car, not finding more ways to charge you for parts and labor.

And since we can share equipment and knowledge among our Orange County locations, our overhead costs are lower than the dealership too!


When it comes to your MINI, we are seeking a long-term relationship. Again, we want customers for life! Our mechanics do great work, which is why all of our repairs are backed by an industry leading three-year or 36,000 mile warranty. Come back and see us whenever you want!


Convenience might be last on this list, but it’s definitely not least. Coast Motor Werk is committed to no long waits – not to drop your car off, not to see a mechanic, and not to get your car back. We know you have places to be, and we want you to get there on time.

Make an appointment at any of our Orange County locations today. We are the #1 provider of MINI Repair and Service in Costa Mesa – come in and find out why!