MINI Transmission Repair in Orange County

Welcome to Coast Motor Werk – the best MINI transmission repair in Orange County!

MINI Transmission Repair in Orange County

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Coast Motor Werk opened in 2005 with the goal of providing a MINI specialty shop that would serve as a better alternative to the hassle, delays, and costs of the dealership. We must have done a pretty good job, because our idea took off right away and we haven’t had a minute to look back since!

Our mechanics have been hand picked by us because of their knowledge, expertise, and passion for MINIs. They make it their business to know every nut and bolt in your car. Because we specialize in MINIs, we are able to more accurately (and more quickly) diagnose AND repair problems.

If you think your MINI might need some transmission repair, please give us a call or stop by one of our locations today. Or fill out our form online – we’ll get you in right away!

We are confident you’ll find your experience with Coast Motor Werk to be like none you’ve ever had with an automobile repair shop…in a good way. Our staff is friendly, our facilities are clean and beautiful (free coffee!) and our mechanics will take the time to ensure you understand what’s happening with your car.

We want every MINI owner in Orange County to enjoy the Coast Motor Werk treatment!

Now, back to transmission repair.

Here are a few signs that your transmission may need some TLC:

1. The check engine light or check transmission light in your dashboard comes on.

You may not notice anything wonky about how your MINI is driving (yet) but if you don’t get it checked out, it will get worse and eventually affect both drivability AND emissions – and, if we know you, you don’t want “contributing poor emissions” on your conscience. That’s just bad karma.

2. You have fluid leaking on your garage floor or driveway.

If fluid is leaking out of your car, chances are the transmission fluid is steadily being depleted. Trust us, you don’t want that stuff running low.

3. Your car shudders or you hear a growl when accelerating.

4. Your car shifts at different times (later or earlier) than it used to.

5. You notice some slippage (when you step on the gas and the engine revs but the car isn’t moving forward yet).

6. You floor it to pass someone, and your car doesn’t shift into passing gear.

If you notice any of these problems or have other concerns about your MINI, contact Coast Motor Werk right away. We’ll take a look at your MINI regardless of its warranty status, and let you know what’s going on.

MINI Transmission Repair in Orange County

Whether you have a manual transmission (stick shift) or an automatic transmission/CVT (constant velocity transmission) will determine the kind of maintenance your transmission requires.

We advise all MINI owners to have transmission fluid changes at least every 75,000 miles. The reason is this: the more your transmission is used, the more wear and tear it experiences. Part of this wear and tear is little metal particles breaking off and getting into the transmission fluid. Your car may be built with filters and magnets to attract those metal particles out of the fluid; while those may keep the fluid relatively pure, there will be some contamination which will eventually wear out the transmission components.

We look forward to getting your MINI in tip top shape!

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