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BMW Repair in Long BeachTired of the hassle, time, and cost of taking your BMW to the dealership?

Feel like no one really cares about you or your car?

Coast Motor Werk combines that small town feel of a friendly mechanic who knows you and cares about you and your car, with the professionalism and expertise of a “Mechanic to the Stars.” (Is there such a thing? You get our point.) You’re our star, and we’re confident you’ll never go to the dealership again after you see our master mechanics cater to your sweet Bimmer’s every need with precision and attention to detail.

Seriously, our guys are that good.

How are we that good? We specialize in BMWs. Our technicians are BMW experts. Not only that, but they are ALL Bimmer owners and enthusiasts just like you. Didn’t think there was anyone who loved your car more than you do? You obviously haven’t met our team of top notch technicians.

We hand-picked the finest of the finest to service your car, because that’s what you deserve.

You might say we provide the Ultimate BMW Experience for your Ultimate Driving Machine. 

Ultimate Service – BMW Repair in Long Beach

Less time, less money, more sanity.

The dealership makes you wait, wait, wait. Wait to bring in your car. Wait to drop it off. Wait to get a loaner. Wait to get your car back (fingers crossed that it’s fixed!) and then pay through the nose.

Contact Coast Motor Werk to make an appointment, and we’ll get you in right away. A friendly service technician will explain everything you need to know about your BMW (nothing shady going on here) and make sure you approve the jobs before we get started. Since our guys are true experts, we are able to perform more accurate diagnoses in a shorter amount of time.

Drop off time is quick, we’ll arrange for you to get a rental car quickly if needed, and most of our repairs can be done same-day, so you’ll get your Bimmer back in time to pick up the kids from soccer practice.

Oh, and we’ve structured our business so we can charge WAY less than the dealership. Sometimes up to half the cost of dealership services and repairs!

Did you know that most dealership employees are paid on commission?

You may be wondering why that should matter to you. Well, commission means the more repairs they perform, the more they get paid. In our experience, that translates to pressuring customers to agree to unnecessary repairs – and holding off on other repairs where the diagnostic process is more time intensive (and consequently, they don’t get paid).

It also means the technicians are in competition with one another. They are discouraged from talking to customers (so no relationship develops) and they definitely won’t be working together to solve more complicated problems.

The end result is not good for you or your car.

Coast Motor Werk pays its employees salary. We keep them engaged and motivated in other ways so YOU, the customer, don’t suffer. Our master mechanics won’t pressure you to make unnecessary repairs – they only recommend what is absolutely necessary to keep your car in tip top shape for as long as possible.

Ready to pamper yourself and your BMW? Call, walk in, or go online and make your first appointment today! We look forward to meeting you.

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