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Coast Motor Werk is your Premier Dealership Alternative for all MINI Repairs, Services, and Maintenance

MINI Repair in IrvineWelcome to Coast Motor Werk MINI Repair in Irvine. We are MINI experts – seriously, we know every nut and bolt in your car – and we are so confident in our work that we back it up with an industry-leading 3 year or 36,000 mile warranty.

Why do you need a Dealership Alternative?

The dealership is the one who sold you the car, after all – so why not stick with them for all your MINI services and repairs?

Well, allow us to answer your question with a question (because everybody loves that):

How’s that working out for you? Because what we’ve heard from our customers (and the reason we started Coast Motor Werk – and quickly grew to four locations) is that MINI owners are fed up with the dealership approach.

Ever had to put up with any of these annoyances from the dealership?

  • You call for a service…and they can’t get you in for a week
  • You take your car in…and you have to wait an hour just to drop it off
  • You have to wait (again) for a loaner
  • You may or may not get to speak to a technician
  • You feel pressured into doing certain services or repairs
  • You have to wait a few days to get your car back
  • It may or may not be fixed the first time
  • It may or may not be in better shape than it was before you took it in
  • Your bill is S-T-E-E-P

Then there’s the “free scheduled maintenance” – which sounds like a great deal, but in reality ends up not being all it’s cracked up to be. You might take your MINI in because your “Check Engine” light came on – and hey, why not knock out your next oil change while you’re there! Oh, but you still have 500 miles until your next scheduled oil change…So, see ya in a few weeks!

Why are the dealership technicians so pushy?

Here’s the thing: Most dealership technicians are paid on commission. That means the more services they perform, the more money they make. So obviously an incentive is to sell you on more repairs. Sometimes that means selling you on something you may not need at the moment. And the technicians aren’t likely to work together, as they’re in competition for your project.

Coast Motor Werk Solves these Problems

We will thoroughly inspect your MINI – ALL of it – regardless of your warranty status. We won’t perform any repairs or services without telling AND showing you what we recommend and why.

Because we specialize in MINIs, our diagnostics are much more accurate than other auto repair shops.

We’ll get you in right away – no long waits – and most of our services can be performed in the same day! Oh, and you’ll get your MINI back in better shape than it was when you left it.

Our technicians are master MINI mechanics (well, they aren’t mini, just the cars are). At Coast Motor Werk, we aren’t just MINI mechanics, we’re MINI owners and enthusiasts, just like you.

Our guys are paid salary, not commission. They aren’t forced to oversell repairs or push anything on the customer that isn’t needed or wanted. We stress quality over quantity, and our technicians work together as a team to ensure your MINI is well taken care of.

Finally, our low overhead and multiple locations allow us to charge WAY less than the dealer charges for the same service or repair. Sometimes are costs are up to half less than what you’ll be charged at the dealership.

Schedule your appointment by phone or online – We’ll get you in right away!

For any other questions, just stop in or give us a call – We look forward to assisting you!

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