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Orange County BMW RepairCoast Motor Werk has been proudly serving Orange County BMW owners since 2005.

We opened our first shop in HB in 2005 and have grown since then, opening our 2nd shop in Irvine in 2010.

We knew there was a need for a BMW dealership alternative in Orange County. A place devoted to BMWs. A place where the mechanics work hard because they love the cars, not because they get paid by commission. A place where the customer is treated fairly, respectfully, and like family.

CMW’s immediate and steady growth over the years continues to confirm that Orange County Bimmer enthusiasts like you NEED a place like us.

You’ve got Problems – We’ve got Solutions

No offense, but you’ve got problems.

Your BMW (best car ever, by the way) needs maintenance, repairs, or other services. The dealership can’t get you in for two weeks. You need a car. That’s a problem.

The solution? Coast Motor Werk gets you in right away. We’ll take a look at your BMW regardless of warranty status, and we will give you an honest assessment without a pushy sales pitch.

Schedule an appointment today either in person, online or by phone – We’ll get you in right away!

You get your BMW into the dealership, but it takes an hour just to drop it off, and longer to get a rental car. You’re busy, and need to get the kids to and from soccer practice in an hour. That’s a problem.

The solution? Coast Motor Werk will get you in, take your car, diagnose it, talk to you about it, get started working on it, and get you a rental if need be – all in less time than it takes you to drop off your car at the dealership – so you can get back to your busy life as quickly as possible. Most of our Orange County BMW repair services can be done same-day too, so you won’t be without your beloved Bimmer for long.

You feel pressured into making some repairs you’re not sure about, it takes forever to get your car back, and when it does it costs you an arm and a leg…Oh yeah, and it may or may not be fixed. That’s definitely a problem.

At Coast Motor Werk, we pride ourselves on being honest and forthcoming with our customers. We do what we say we’ll do, and only recommend services and repairs that your BMW actually needs. We take the time to explain everything, answer all your questions, even show you what we’re talking about, and you will never be pressured to make any move you’re not comfortable with.

Most Orange County dealerships pay their technicians on commission. That means there’s incentive for them to push unnecessary repairs on you, because the more services they perform, the more they get paid. That also means they’re likely in competition with other mechanics in the same shop.

Not at CMW – our masterful technicians are paid salary. Their job is to perform needed services and repairs properly – quality over quantity. They work together as a team to solve problems and provide the best services possible for our customers. While they will honestly tell you what your car needs, they will never pressure you.

Most of our Orange County BMW repair services can be done same-day, costing sometimes as much as half the cost of the same repairs at the dealership…and you’ll always get your car back in better shape than it was when you left it.

The Coast Motor Werk Difference

At Coast Motor Werk, you’re going to find friendly, knowledgeable people who genuinely care about the customer and their car. Since we specialize in BMWs, we make it our business to know every nut and bolt in your car. Our technicians aren’t just experts (which they are, by the way)…they are also Bimmer owners and enthusiasts, just like you.

We deliver what we promise and we stand behind our work with an industry-leading 3-year or 36,000 mile limited warranty. 

Contact us today to schedule an appointment – We look forward to meeting you!

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