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Your #1 Dealership Alternative for Fountain Valley MINI Repair, Maintenance and Service

Fountain Valley MINI RepairQuestion: Why do I need a “dealership alternative”? What’s wrong with the dealership, anyway?

Answer: Nothing… if you’re buying a car.

Because that’s what they do, right? They sell cars. Repairs, service and maintenance are less important. (That’s why they make you drive to the back to get work done.)

At Coast Motor Werk, taking care of your MINI is our main job. It’s our ONLY job. And you can pull right up to the front.

Less Waiting, More Everything Else

Fountain Valley MINI RepairIf you go to the dealership for repairs, you know what it’s like to be last in line behind the people shopping for a new car. Long waits to check in. Longer waits to find out what the problem is. Couches that are older than your mom’s taste in music, and coffee that’s just as fresh.

We started Coast Motor Werk in 2005 because we think MINI drivers deserve better. Your car moves quickly, and so do you. We’ll get you in the door fast, set you up with one of our master technicians immediately to discuss your car, and get to work in a hurry.

Most of our repairs are finished the same day, and if we need to keep your car longer, we’ll set you up with a loaner right away, to get you on your way.

No Commissions = No Funny Business

The folks at the dealership work on commission, which means that they make more money when the dealership does. Not just the salesmen, but most of the mechanics too. This means when you bring your MINI in, they aren’t just looking to fix it, they are looking for ways to sell you parts and repairs that you may not need today – or ever.

Fountain Valley MINI RepairSounds kind of shady, right?

That’s why Coast Motor Werk doesn’t use a commission system. Our handsome, healthy mechanics are paid a handsome, healthy salary to focus on doing what they do best – fixing your car. Our staff works together to diagnose your repair needs and get the job done right the first time.

We promise never to do any work you don’t need, and explain every step of the repair process. We will even give you your old parts so you can see what went wrong. We aren’t in this business to line our pockets – we want you to be a customer for life.

Fountain Valley MINI Repair

We care about you and your MINI. The mechanics in our shop aren’t greasy gearheads from off the street – they are MINI specialists, MINI owners, and MINI enthusiasts just like you!

We stand behind all of our repairs with an industry leading 3-year or 36,000 mile warranty. We are committed to our MINIs, and committed to keeping you happy.

Contact Coast Motor Werk today and make an appointment at one of our locations, or stop by to speak to our staff about all things MINI-related. We look forward to helping you!

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