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Welcome to Coast Motor Werk – Cypress’ #1 BMW Specialty Shop!BMW Repair in Cypress

  • Looking for a BMW repair shop that puts the customer’s needs first?
  • Tired of the hassles, long waits, and high costs of the dealership?
  • Want a mechanic who specializes in BMWs and who won’t pressure you into making costly repairs?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Coast Motor Werk is the place for you!

We’ve been serving Bimmer owners and enthusiasts like you since 2005, and we are proud to have become Orange County’s top BMW repair shop.

Here’s what’s different about Coast Motor Werk:

Completely different experience.

If you bought your BMW from the dealer, you’re most likely used to the long waits, high costs, and overall hassle of your experience. You have to wait till your scheduled maintenance to see anyone, and even then it may take a while to get in. Once you’re there, you wait some more. And then you wait for your BMW to get serviced.

Coast Motor Werk is completely client-centered in that we are all about your ease and convenience. You obviously value comfort and high performance since you drive a BMW, so we strive daily to carry that experience over into our shop. You might call us the Ultimate BMW Experience.

Our staff is friendly and helpful, our technicians are experts, our facilities are spotless (seriously, check out our restrooms. You won’t believe you’re at an auto shop!)

Speaking of our technicians, while they do make it their business to know every nut and bolt in your car (we are not exaggerating here), they aren’t just mechanics. They are all Bimmer owners and enthusiasts, just like you! They were hand-picked for our team because of their knowledge, experience, and most importantly, passion for BMWs.

Our mechanics are paid salary.

You may be wondering why that matters. In fact, it matters to YOU very much. Here’s why: Most dealership employees are paid on commission. That means the more they sell, the more money they make. And THAT means they are motivated to sell more services and repairs, right? Which is why a lot of our customers complain that they felt pressured from the dealer to agree to repairs the customer was not certain were needed.

At Coast Motor Werk, our mechanics are paid salary. There’s no pressure to sell more repairs in order to make more money, or skimp on complex diagnostics because they won’t make money off it. We stress quality over quantity, and all our technicians are motivated to keep you happy and keep your BMW in tip top shape for you and your family – period, end of story.

Our Core Values.

Auto shops are notoriously and stereotypically untrustworthy establishments, aren’t they? Sadly, like many industries, a few bad apples ruin the entire bunch. There are a lot of great, honest mechanics out there -and we are proud to say that 100% of our guys at Coast Motor Werk are fantastic. Which is why we don’t just get individual customers – we serve entire families!

Read about our Core Values here.

Call, go online or stop by one of our locations to schedule your first service with CMW. We look forward to meeting you!

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