BMW Repair in Irvine

Coast Motor Werk is Your Premier Dealership Alternative for all BMW Services, Repairs, and Maintenance.

Why do you need a “dealership alternative”? Read on and you’ll see.

You’ve got Problems – We’ve got SolutionsBMW Repair in Irvine

It’s tough to be without your car, especially here in Irvine. Whether something just doesn’t seem right, or it’s time for some maintenance to keep your beloved BMW running smoothly, it can be a huge hassle to take your car into the shop.

A lot of our customers are busy moms who come to us in desperation after failed attempts with the dealership. Our message: You’ve come to the right place. We’ll take care of your BMW and get you back on the road in time to pick up the kids from soccer practice!

The dealerships can make an already inconvenient experience even worse. Long waits, expensive repairs, no explanations – is any of this sounding familiar? Coast Motor Werk was created to solve those problems.

  • We get you in right away.
  • We will conduct a thorough examination of your BMW, regardless of your warranty status.
  • Everything is explained to you before anything is done.
  • Most of our repairs can be made same-day.
  • We are able to charge significantly less than the dealerships – sometimes as much as half off!
  • Our technicians are paid salary, not commission. They won’t pressure you to have services or repairs in an effort to make more money. They’re looking out for you, not themselves.

We’re a company built on Core Values like integrity, honesty, and convenience. Anyone who doesn’t espouse those values, doesn’t work here.

Since we specialize in BMWs, we are able to diagnose and repair much more accurately and quickly than the other guys. We make it our life’s work to know every nut and bolt in your car. We’re aren’t just BMW technicians -we are owners and Bimmer enthusiasts just like you!

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Simply schedule an appointment in person, online, or by phone – We will get you in right away!

With the dealership, it can take an hour just to drop off your car. We will get you in right away, explain everything thoroughly and coherently. We won’t pressure you to do anything, and won’t make any repairs without your knowledge and consent. And most of our repairs can be done same-day!

We make things easy and efficient so your experience is enjoyable and stress-free!

Contact us today – We look forward to serving you!

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