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Welcome to Coast Motor Werk – Your Premier Dealership Alternative for MINI Repair, Maintenance, and Service

Looking for professional and affordable MINI repairs, services, and maintenance in Huntington Beach? Coast Motor Werk is the place!MINI Repair in Huntington Beach

You’ve got problems. We know how to solve ’em.

From the long wait times to shoddy workmanship to inflated prices, taking your MINI to the shop can be a huge bummer.

Here are some of the annoyances Coast Motor Werk was created to solve:

1. Hurry up and WAIT.

A trip to the dealership can take quite a chunk out of your busy day. Whether you’re a hipster who doesn’t want to miss meeting the friends for your daily $11 latté, a businessman in between important meetings, a mom who’s got to pick up the kids from soccer practice, or a retiree wanting to soak up some rays, surely you’ve got better things to do than spend your day sitting on a gross couch drinking a cup of really old coffee and watching Maury.

Sometimes you call the dealership and can’t even get an appointment for a couple of weeks. Once you get there, you may end up waiting an hour just to drop off your car. Then once you do, there’s no telling how long it will take you to get a loaner…and getting your MINI back on the same day? Forget about it.

Coast Motor Werk will get you in quickly, you’ll be able to speak to a master mechanic within minutes, and the drop-off process is quick and painless. We’ll inspect your MINI, regardless of warranty status. We won’t do any repairs without the OK from you.

The vast majority of our repairs can be done same-day, too. Not to mention we can save you a boatload of money. Yippee!

Schedule your appointment with our Huntington Beach location online or by phone – We’ll get you in right away!

2. Wait — you wanted that repair done right the first time?

Here’s the deal. Since we ONLY deal with BMWs and MINIs, we make it our business to intimately know every nut and bolt in your MINI. Like Mama always said, “The key to effectively servicing MINIs is to know them.” (Okay, nobody’s mom says that. But it’s still true.)

Because we know the MINI like the backs of our hands, our diagnostics are more accurate than other repair shops. We know what common issues MINIs have, parts, etc. and that’s why we’re able to repair them so quickly – usually in the same day!

And we get it done right the first time. 

3. You have to sell your firstborn in order to pay for repairs.

Most dealership employees are commission-based. You know what that means: The more repairs and services they sell, the more money they make. Do you think they work together as a team to solve problems? Not hardly – they’re in competition with one another! Do you think they ever sell customers on unnecessary repairs and services? Darn tootin’ they do!

At Coast Motor Werk, our technicians are paid salary. We emphasize quality over quantity. We will never sell you on something you don’t need. We keep everything above board, and will even give you old parts to inspect and keep if you wish. We’ll explain and physically show you everything we think your MINI needs, and then wait for you to give the OK – no pressure – before getting to work.

We are the Huntington Beach MINI repair shop you can trust.

And since we have four locations, low overhead, and work so dang efficiently, we are able to charge WAY less than the dealership.

Whatever your MINI needs are, you can trust Coast Motor Werk to give you the best service and treatment possible.

Give us a call…we think you’ll approve.

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