Lake Forest MINI Cooper RepairLake Forest MINI Cooper Repair

Coast Motor Werk is Lake Forest’s Dealership Alternative for MINI Maintenance, Service and Repair

Now you might be asking, what’s so great about a dealership alternative, anyway?

Well, for starters…

No Long Waits.

We started Coast Motor Werk way back in 2005 to save BMW and MINI drivers from wasting time waiting at the dealership.Lake Forest MINI Cooper Repair

When you bring a car to the dealership for service, it’s not pretty. First, you wait to schedule an appointment. Then you wait to speak to a mechanic about your problem. Then you wait… and wait… and wait to get your car back.

Then you realize they didn’t fix the problem, and start the whole process over again.

We started Coast Motor Werk to do better. Our mechanics and staff will meet with you right away to find out what your MINI needs. And we’ll get your car back to you as quickly as we can.

Speaking of which, we should mention…

Sensational and Speedy Service.

At the dealership, the mechanics – like the salesmen – are paid on commission.

Lake Forest MINI Cooper RepairThis means that the longer they work on your car, the more money they make.

And the more parts and services they sell you on, the more money they make.

At Coast Motor Werk, our mechanics are paid on salary, so their only motivation is to do a great job on your car!

Our teams work together to diagnose your MINI’s problems quickly, and fix them fast.

Most of our repairs are done the same day, and we’ll be happy to explain everything we did to get your MINI back on the road. We’ll even show you the old parts so you can see what went wrong.

Which leads to…

Knowledgeable, Helpful Mechanics.

The MINI experts at Coast Motor Werk have seen it all. Our mechanics work on MINIs and BMWs exclusively, and are familiar with every possible problem your car may have.

We don’t just know these cars, we care about them, and we even drive them ourselves. We even have a page of interesting facts about your MINI. These cars have a lot of great history, and the more we learn about them, the more we love them.

Some common MINI Cooper repairs include:Lake Forest MINI Cooper Repair

  • Power steering
  • Air conditioners
  • Brakes
  • Fuel injection services
  • Premature clutch failure (in manual transmissions)
  • Assorted squeaks, pops, rattles and clunks

Click here to see our full list of MINI repair services. And if you don’t see your MINI’s problem on the list, don’t worry – we can still fix it.

And finally…

Reasonable Prices.

Since all of the Coast Motor Werk shops are close by, we can share information and equipment to keep our operating costs low. Sometimes repairs at CMW cost just half of what they would at the dealership.

Lake Forest MINI Cooper RepairOur MINI experts use factory parts and equipment that is made specifically for the MINI, and we only use aftermarket parts if we know that they are a better value for our customers.

And there you have it! No long waits, sensational and speedy service, knowledgeable and helpful mechanics, all at reasonable prices. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Stop by Coast Motor Werk for your Lake Forest MINI Cooper repair today!

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