Aw, shucks. You shouldn’t have.

When you make customer service and satisfaction a priority, people can’t help but say good things about you – and our customers have been making us blush since we opened in 2005. Thanks for all of the feedback over the years… we like you too!  😉


I don’t really like to write reviews but… like everyone else for this business I felt compelled to write a nice review. I’m still kicking myself for not going here in the first place! My mini cooper had a nail in the tire so I needed this changed. Unbeknownst to me…… 1 out of the 4 lugs is a special lock…. 🙂 and of course the lock and the key were completely stripped from my tires being changed previously at some other random tire shop. So I first went to two different VERY well known tire “specialist” who promised me this could be easily fixed in couple hours. But after 3 hours at each tire shop they still couldn’t get the lock off. One tire shop even suggested I purchase a new car as a solution to this issue. So I decided it take it down to an ACTUAL mini/bmw dealership and after another 3-4 hrs they still couldn’t it off and said I had to wait for a “bolt specialist” to take the lug off for $600…. so that was big NO.

So finally on Tuesday I called CMW and spoke to George and told him this novel about a stupid lug, he told me they were all booked up till Friday. But I told him I have nail in the tire so time was of the essence! He told me to swing by that day so they can take a look at it. When I got there I met Derek and told him my story too and I didn’t want to waste their time if I had to pay $600 here as well. He told me to give him 1 hr and it would only be $125 for the hr, AND it will be fixed… “I’m like ya… right.. good luck!” So after an hour I come back from lunch and IT’S EFFING FIXED!!!!!

I was in TOTAL shock… not only was it FIXED, Derek patched the hole and charged me for only 30 minutes BECAUSE THAT’S HOW LONG IT TOOK HIM. I mean come on lets be real here……………. usually………………………… NOT ALWAYS… but usually… “auto shops” don’t really want to charge the customer LESS than what they quote.
I’m seriously really impressed with their customer service and not to mention the restroom. THIS RESTROOM WAS LIKE THE ROLLS ROYCE OF AUTO SHOP RESTROOMS. Like I would have paid $125.00 to use that restroom. Also having Lucy at the front desk is a big plus! 🙂

As a customer service manager for a well known eCommerce business, honesty and treating each customer like they’re coming in with a 7 series, speak volumes to me. I’m sure that day they had bigger and more important issues to handle, but they took the time and courtesy to fix my tire.

— Monica C.

This place is great. I brought my car in for a small squeak from my new Miini, and because of their honesty, professionalism, and knowledge I brought my car back for an oil change, new tires, and an alignment

Quick Notes of why they are special:

  • Professionally trained, many straight from the dealership
  • I was introduced (and remember) each guy who spoke with me and worked on my car- by name
  • I didn’t need to wait long before being acknowledged and having my car worked on
  • The waiting rooms (at HB and Irvine) were both clean, comfortable, and had coffee.
  • Ron, the owner, is truly proud of each person he hired, the sense of responsibility in his shop, and the success his crew has accomplished.

These guys are great. I could have gone to at least 3 other people who fix cars for a living, or have been doing it their whole lives (one of which is a relative) and I chose to trust them. I don’t need to get several quotes to make sure I’m not being ripped off. I don’t need to ask them questions about “why” and “when”.

I feel fortunate to have found them, and I suggest everyone else with a BMW should visit them as well.

— Juli P.

My 2007 X5 was brought to 2 of OC’s largest BMW dealerships, while under warranty, to try and fix a random non-starting issue. I made 3 trips, my car was left with them for a total of almost 1 week, and I wasted countless hours. The end result from both dealerships,”We can’t find anything wrong with your car.” Is that so?! So I drove the un-fixable car for a few more months dealing with its random non-starting problem.

Then one day my car refused to start for several hours. Enough was enough, I am pissed now. So I make a YouTube clip of me spending over 10 minutes trying to start my car. Then I email this video along with a not so nice email and send it to both dealerships and every service manager there. Furthermore, I also sent the video and email to every senior executive at BMW North America and every senior executive at the international BMW Group telling them about my un-fixable X5 pleading for them to help me find someone, anyone who can fix my car. Not a single response from anyone.

So now that I am out of the warranty period, I decided to try and find a BMW specialty shop on my own. Thanks to yelp I found my saviors-Coast Motor Werks. In summary, 1-trip, 2 hrs spent, problem resolved! They found a relay that had gone bad. My cost was minimal in comparison to what a dealership probably would have charged me if they had been able to even find what was wrong with it! I can’t tell you my relief that my car was not only fixable but fixed and I wouldn’t have to trade it in for a new car!

As long as I own a BMW, there is no question who I will go to for any mechanical issues. The owner Ron, Derek, and the rest of the master technicians all deserve more than 5 stars. Their professionalism (the owner used to work as part of a racing pit crew), and knowledge are without comparison. I am very very thankful to them for reminding me that owning a BMW doesn’t have to be a grueling experience every time something needs to be fixed.

— Tony B.

Taking your car to the shop is like going to the dentist, right? No one wants to do it, but if you don’t things will start falling off whether it’s your teeth, your catalytic converter, whatever. While I’m convinced that dentists are shadier than mechanics, I finally found a keeper in Ron at Coast Motor Werk.

The brake light came on on my Mini, so I looked for the highest-rated specialists on Yelp and happened upon these guys. Derrick answered my call and gave me a quote that was half of what the dealer quoted. He asked for my VIN, to make sure they could order the parts if they didn’t have them in stock (they did), and I made an appointment for the following Monday. I cruise in at lunch, and they’re busy, but they help me immediately. Ron is a friendly, no-nonsense guy. Just a straight shooter which is all I wanted. He quoted me the same price, and an interesting, friendly guy named Phil gave me a ride back to my office. They call a few hours later, give me a ride back, and things have been running smoothly ever since. There’s no other option in the OC when it comes to BMWs and Minis.

— Jan H.

For 2 years I was thinking that Orange County is lacking a good, honest and professional BMW shop… Well, CMW is exactly the shop that I was looking for.
They are professional and know BMWs very well.

My trunk was not opening. The dealer said that they will make a hole in the trunk to open it and then repair it. Well, CMW did some research and found a way to reach inside the trunk from the backseat and open it. They repaired my trunk in a reasonable price and did not damage my car in the process.

I asked them to perform other fixes as well. They were very honest and professional throughout the whole process. I highly recommend them and will always go back to them for repairs on my BMW!!!

— Anas M.

I just came back from this place (Irvine), and felt compelled to write a review.

I had just moved to the area 2 weeks ago from the East Coast, and am so happy for my sanity, my car and my wallet for having found this place. The mechanics are highly professional and do a great job.

My Z4 had its transmission changed at the dealership a few years ago (when it had 6k miles on it, a lemon transmission, I guess), and today, after Derek my mechanic hoisted up the car, he discovered that the steel bolts that secure the entire undercarriage of the car into the car body had not all been placed back in after the BMW dealer changed the transmission(!!!) The 2 out of 5 bolts that were in there had also come loose, so the entire inner mechanical system of my car could have fallen out from under the body(!!!) This was such a shock to someone who had always believed that dealers are the safest way to go to fix a good car. I am a converted owner. These guys are much more thorough.

The facilities are great also, I just sat on this leather chair and read magazines in tranquility while they took care of my car. Also, the guys there are just really nice and a pleasure to work with. There was no pressure for me to do any extra services, they even held off on the diagnostic charges for the work done today since we’re waiting for parts to come in, inherently trusting that I will go back. I will, of course. But they don’t necessarily know that and are just great guys. Top notch place.

— Ming Z.

Pure quality.

Is this the most economical shop around Orange County? Definitely not. However, you will not find a team of people who can do a better quality job on your BMW than these guys.

I have been here a handful of times, many of which I spent talking to Brad about the costs associated with fixing my car’s various problems. During the first two times, no business was done because I found cheaper alternatives. However, Brad’s awesome customer service and willingness to try to work with my budget made a huge impression on me.

Another time, I came in because my SRS light was bugging the crap out of me. Instead of charging me to fix this procedure, Brad told me that there was a BMW recall for my particular problem and that I could get it fixed at any BMW dealership for free.

Since I appreciated his honesty, I decided to finally fork over some cash at CMW for an oil change. Roughly $113, which is higher than the rate I normally pay at my usual shop, but I believe the quality difference justifies the slight cost disparity (not to mention the convenience of getting in and out of there during my lunch hour).

Today, I came back to get my audio cables looked at because of a mistake Crevier made (no surprise). Again, Brad was helpful and had one of his guys (Favian) take a look at it for me. Another staff member (Derek) also joined in to help, and in about 20 minutes, I had my music playing perfectly out of my speakers again. Thanks, guys!

CMW is probably the cleanest, most upscale shop I’ve ever patronized. (Even their bathroom is gorgeous.) Brad treats his guys right with good salaries, and in turn, consumers like you and me get high-quality, detailed work–with lots of amenities–done for a fair price.

Bonus: Maggie, the shop’s adorable mascot! Best customer service rep ever.

— Candice K.

I was a first time customer to Coast Motor Werk in Irvine (they have two locations) just a few days ago. I was tired of the run around that Crevier BMW was giving me every time I took my car in for service. I will say my Service Advisor at the dealership was nothing short of awesome and the loaner cars they gave you while your car was being serviced was really helpful, but enough price gouging is enough which led me to start doing some research for other shops in the area.

After researching extensively and reading all the great reviews for CMW I decided it was time to make an appointment as my oil change was past due and my 335 was in need of a few other things. I went online to make an appointment and Ron, the owner, actually emailed me back that same night with a confirmation of a next day appointment.

These guys went above and beyond what I would’ve expected. Ron actually drove my car home that night, with my consent of course, to find out exactly what I was having the issue with since I had been told several times from Crevier there was nothing wrong. I would’ve never let him drive my car home without the good feeling I had walking in the door for the first time that morning. Talked to him the next day and he knew exactly what the issue was without a doubt. They took care of it and haven’t had problems since.

I’m so happy to have found my new shop that I will be taking my car to for service from now on. Derek, the shop foreman, was also really helpful and super easy to deal with, and of course like every other technician in the shop was very knowledgeable about everything BMW. If you need a part they order it for you, if you have to leave your car for any reason overnight they set up rental car pick up service and return service with special CMW pricing for the rental through Enterprise.

I trust these guys completely with my car and know that when I’m spending upwards of $400.00 on repairs, the repairs will actually be fixed with no issues, unlike Crevier that when I pull out of the service area in my newly cleaned and serviced car some random dashboard light comes on saying my car will explode if I don’t see the nearest BMW dealership (true story). I would recommend CMW to anyone that asks where I get my car serviced and this is just from my first trip there because of the amazing experience I had. The shop “mascot” was just as friendly as the guys and was always wagging it’s tail anytime someone walked in the door. And of course there’s the coffee, which is crucial for those 8AM appointments before work.

They definitely have a customer for as long as I drive BMWs and they didn’t even need all the fancy gimmicks with the putting green and loaner cars like the dealerships.

Thanks Ron and Derek!

— Larry A.

Had some problems with my MINI (AC and passenger window wouldn’t roll down).

CMW fixed my car in a day, and they also spotted some things that are just starting to go bad (control arm bushing; leaking steering fluid – both common on an ’03 MINI) and gave me the option to repair it.

I had a very good feeling – Ron and his team seem honest, competent, and trustworthy. And they are a LOT less expensive than the dealer.

— Josh R.

About a month ago, I realized my car was leaking oil (refer to my Crevier BMW review). Even with a FREE offer, I would NOT go back there.

Anyway so I found this place (again thanks to Yelp), and Derrick, the Foreman, was awesome. He had his guy check out my car, made sure my tires were pumped to the appropriate levels, gave me a free estimate and sent me on my way. ALL THAT WAS FREE!!! Other places (rightfully so since you are taking their time) will charge $75 or more. These guys did it for free. NOT ONLY THAT but the actual estimate for the repair was at a level which is very reasonable (and substantially below dealer prices).

I came back today to do the actual repair, and I could not have had a better experience then I did.

They are personable and sincere about their interest in serving their customer. Not only that, they are passionate about BMW. This is all they do here. BMW and Mini, period. Nothing else. They have a wealth of knowledge and all of the equipment to service these type of cars. Awesome friendly and straight forward service and reasonable prices. I highly recommend you come here with your BMW or Mini.

I had my air pump replaced and front brakes and rotors done. All excellent. Also, if you have work or school stuff to do, there’s a conference room upstairs and free wi-fi! They don’t offer loaner cars but they have a great relationship with Enterprise which allows you to take out a car at $10 per hour! Not shabby.

These guys are serious pros.

Thanks Brad and Derek!

— Joshua L.

I love this place because they are so knowledgeable and they take the time to explain to me what my Mini needs. On the phone, they never sound too busy to answer my multiple questions. They are always friendly – and in this day and age we need more friendly. I will always patronize the businesses that make me feel important and worth their time.

Sometimes it seems that other mechanics (or BMW dealers) don’t care to explain things if you’re a girl. Well, I’m a girl that likes to know things, and I appreciate the time they take to inform me of what’s going on with my car. I’ve always been satisfied with their work. They are just nice and I trust the work they have done on my car and will continue taking my Mini to CMW!

— S.G.P.

I would have given this place 6 stars if Yelp would let me. I took my 2008 335i in because it was making a weird whistling sound while accelerating. The service guys at the dealership said it was normal, but I had my doubts since it didn’t sound normal to me, so I decided to get a 2nd opinion and have CMW take a look. So glad I came here! They isolated the fault to a loose bearing in one of my turbos. How the heck did the BMW dealership miss that?!!

Now here’s the best part: no upselling or pressure whatsoever! George was super honest and upfront about what the issue was, and what options I had available. He even patched me with the tech that found the fault and the tech explained the problem to me in even greater detail. They suggested that I take it to another BMW dealer (which they recommended) to have the repair done since it was still under warranty. But now I can tell the dealer exactly what and where the problem is.

They also replaced a faulty reverse light at a great price, definitely less than what the dealer would have charged. They even have a shuttle service if needed.

I think my search for a highly dependable and affordable BMW service shop has ended with Coast Motor Werk!

— Marc T.