10 Ways to Increase Your Car’s Resale Value

By June 25, 2014 June 2nd, 2015 Blog, Education & Tips
10 Ways to Increase Your Car's Resale Value

Image courtesy of “suphakit73”; freedigitalphotos.net

BMWs have built a long-standing reputation of superior quality and longevity. They are almost always among the top ranked cars for highest resale value. If you’re a conscientious car owner or Bimmer enthusiast, you probably take good care of your car. Good for you!

Keep in mind, there are a million ways to make a car better in your eyes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be appealing to a buyer later.

So, here are our top 10 ways to increase your car’s resale value:

1. Regular, quality maintenance

Regular oil changes, visits to CMW, and so on will help keep your car in tip top shape, extending its life and boosting its resale value.
Nothing will drop a car’s value like poor maintenance and neglect. Vehicles serviced by CMW are likely to have higher resale value than vehicles serviced elsewhere.

2. Record keeping

Keep all maintenance records. A potential buyer will appreciate knowing the car’s history, especially if you’ve taken good care of it at a quality shop. Verify what repairs are under warranty before you sell. Your car with 2 years warranty left on the transmission will certainly bring a better price than a similar vehicle without.

3. Mileage

Although BMWs are designed to last, it’s a good idea to keep mileage down if possible. Think carefully about that cross country road trip you’re planning. If you’re getting close to selling and mileage is up there, perhaps the trip would be better suited to a rental car?

4. Automatic transmission

Although this runs contradictory to my belief, in America, most drivers value an automatic transmission over a manual. The exception may be high performance automobile enthusiasts. But to appeal to the average driver, stick to an automatic transmission.

5. Interior perks

Neutral colors do best overall for resale, so you might want to think twice before opting for the lime green model. Research has shown that sunroofs/moonroofs, leather interior, climate control, and satellite navigation also help.

6. Sound system

The verdict is out on the audio system, but it probably depends on your prospective buyers. If it’s a minivan you’re selling, you probably don’t need it to be all amped up. However, the general consensus is that good quality speakers are always appreciated.

7. Exterior stuff

Keep your car’s exterior clean, get regular car washes and splurge occasionally on a really nice detail. Clean and conditioned leather is easy to spot. Window tint blocks harmful UV rays from damaging the leather, as does a car cover (when used). New floor mats will keep the carpet from being damaged by high heeled shoes and whatnot.

8. More exterior

First impressions are real in car talk. Clean shiny pane, clear windows, clean and detailed wheels with good tires says a lot. Remove all bumper stickers and rear windshield stickers – it makes the car look nicer. Plus you don’t want to risk losing a buyer because of your political statements. (Unless you do.)

9. Safety and collision avoidance – always a plus

It’s generally agreed that safety upgrades will help boost your car’s resale value. Accidents happen, and luckily BMWs and MINIs help you avoid them. If your car has had damage, be sure to have it fixed properly (this is not the time to skimp); poorly repaired BMWs are easy to spot.

10. Coast Motor Werk

Having your BMW/MINI serviced at CMW means you care about your car, and this will impress any buyer. If you have any questions about how to up the resale value on your specific make or model, give us a call! We are always happy to help.

– Ron Inchausti, Owner