6 Ways to Keep Your BMW at its Best

By September 30, 2014 June 2nd, 2015 Blog, Education & Tips

We know why you drive that BMW.

6 Ways To Keep Your BMW At Its BestBecause you care.

You care about quality.

You care about performance.

And doggone it, you care about style.

At Coast Motor Werk, we care too. We care because we are BMW owners, BMW drivers, and BMW lovers like you. We only hire mechanics that love the Bimmer like you do. And we want to help you keep your BMW in the best shape possible.

Since we only see your vehicle a few times per year (hopefully) and you see it every day, we’ve come up with 6 ways to keep your BMW at its best.

1. R.T.F.M.

This is a common reply to new drivers on BMW chat rooms. It stands for Read The Friendly Manual. (“Friendly” is usually replaced with a different word, but this is a family website.) In other words, study that book in the glove box!

Your BMW is not a $20 blender from Target. You can’t just plug it in, press a button and expect a fruit smoothie. Instead, think of it as a cappuccino maker. There are right ways and wrong ways, and if you aren’t careful, you’re gonna get burned.

2. Inspect Your Gadget

Paying attention to your BMW will always pay off. This means being aware of anything that doesn’t look, sound or feel quite right. Bimmerzone provides a BMW-approved list of inspection points that the professionals use, and while you can’t do all of these at home (that’s our job), things like checking for leaks and functioning seat belts is easy enough. For example, if there’s a funny-smelling puddle under your car and you don’t have pets, that could be a leak. Time for a checkup.

6 Ways To Keep Your BMW At Its Best3. Respect Your Tires

Southern California’s lack of winter weather doesn’t mean you can ignore the only part of your car that actually touches the road. Don’t assume your tire pressure warning system will tell you everything you need to know. Looking out for your BMW means minding your tire pressure, as well as the amount and pattern of tread wear.

4. Drink Lots of Fluids

This isn’t a conversation about coconut water. Your BMW has to stay hydrated too. From gas and oil to windshield wiper spray, your car needs its liquids to run properly. Pop the hood every so often to check fluid levels, and remember, BMWs need synthetic oils (R.T.F.M!) for top performance.

6 Ways To Keep Your BMW At Its Best5. Judge THIS Book By Its Cover

The flip side of Southern California’s endless summer is a marine layer that can ruin even the classiest of paint jobs. Regular cleaning will keep your BMW’s exterior (and interior) looking like a BMW should, but stay away from most drive-thru car washes. The recycled water and poorly maintained equipment, especially at gas stations, can swirl and scratch up your paint beyond repair.

6. Ask The Experts

There’s no substitute for knowledge and experience, and the mechanics at Coast Motor Werk have both. We back our BMW repairs with an industry-leading 3-year or 36,000-mile limited warranty, and our team works efficiently and thoroughly to get your car back to you as quickly as possible – usually the same day, if we can.

Look over our list of BMW services and our 5-star Yelp rating for more information, or better yet, schedule an appointment today!