BMW Overview

bmwCoast Motor Werk is your premier dealership alternative for the service, maintenance and repair of BMW vehicles in Huntington Beach and Irvine – just a short drive from the surrounding areas in Orange and LA Counties.

We employ only the best and most talented, friendly technicians from BMW dealers and, unlike the dealers, we pay them salary instead of performance-based pay. Half of our 8 technicians earned the highest level of training BMW offers (Level 1 Master); most dealerships have only 3-4 out of 30-40 technicians with this level of training. And the likelihood your vehicle will be worked on by one of them is remote.

Why is CMW the Premier Dealership Alternative? 

It’s simple really. Our technicians and managers are not motivated by performance-based pay. The entire CMW team works together as a team collaborating and assisting when needed to fix BMWs quickly and at the highest level of quality. At the dealerships all technicians and service writers are paid commission. This fosters a “look out for myself” attitude and sometimes even motivates individuals towards unscrupulous decisions or actions.

At Coast Motor Werk our technicians’ 100 plus years of combined experience truly does help repair BMWs. Stop by any location and see for yourself – any one of our relaxed, happy team members is ready to help you, not pressure you.

Knowing BMWs is the key to effectively servicing them.

As owners of BMWs as well as mechanics working on them, we have extensive knowledge and experience that can’t be found elsewhere. We repair and maintain BMW vehicles efficiently and quickly at a fair price. We take pride in the fact that we know every nut and bolt in a BMW. We can honestly say we are better than the dealer in many ways, not just because we are less expensive.

At Coast Motor Werk we deliver what we promise and stand behind our work with an industry leading, 3 Year or 36,000 Mile Warranty.

We are happy to give you your old parts and, if applicable, we will show you the failure. We have the tools and training needed with over 100 years combined experience working with BMWs. Having more than one shop helps cut expenses, as we can share information and tools. This saves our customers money and time. We invite you to drop by any location any time and meet our staff.