How to Extend the Life of Your BMW

By December 18, 2014 December 8th, 2021 Blog

How to Extend the Life of Your BMWLongevity. It’s a paramount concern with any car, but especially with BMWs. It’s the reason you drive this fabulous machine, isn’t it? You know your car is superior and built to last, and you’d like to keep it that way as long as humanly possible. This is our quest, too. We at Coast Motor Werk take great pride in our ability to have our customers’ BMWs going strong, long after other car owners have had to throw in the towel.

You want to keep that beautiful Bimmer purring like a kitten for – well, basically forever – and we can help.

How to Extend the Life of Your BMW

Here are a few simple yet profound ways you can extend the life of your BMW:

1. Regular Services by CMW

Stay on top of your schedule – that’s all we ask – and we’ll do the rest.

Oil changes, gasket inspections, brake inspections, cooling system inspections, keeping everything neat and clean under the hood – all these should be happening periodically, by an automotive shop specializing in BMWs.

Whenever you bring your BMW into our HB location, we’ll get you in and out right away. (Not the burgers – sorry. Although wouldn’t that be awesome?) But don’t worry – our quickness does not mean we aren’t thorough. It DOES, however, mean we are:

1) BMW experts (and owners and enthusiasts too! Seriously, you can’t believe how much we love our jobs),

2) Fast and accurate in diagnosing your repair needs,

3) Master mechanics who know our stuff and know how to work efficiently (You know what? Forget the term “mechanic”. Think of us as highly skilled, versatile experts with extensive knowledge and field training in mechanics, electronics, and computers made exclusively for BMWs),

4) Collaborative and team-oriented, so we can provide quick and effective services (We are salaried, not paid on commission. Read more about why that matters here),

5) Motivated by these 7 Core Values – We truly care about our customers!

We’ll service your BMW regardless of its warranty status, and we offer an industry-leading 3 year or 36,000 mile warranty on all our work.

So get on track for 2015 and schedule your next oil change and multi-point inspection from CMW today!

2. Frequent Washes

Most people assume that frequent washes will help increase their BMW’s resale value. But you might be surprised to learn that washing your vehicle often will also help extend its lifespan.

Frequent washes (once a week if possible) will protect your car’s exterior from scratches, stripping the paint, and corrosion – but they also protect the car’s undercarriage. Winter is a crucial season to keep up with car washes, especially if you’re driving through areas that experience what the rest of the country calls “weather.” (Don’t be alarmed if you haven’t heard of this – you live in Orange County.)

Driving through rain or snow, slush or mud, salt or sand – any of these left unattended will result in rust on and under your car.

Here’s how to properly wash your BMW. (Yes, it matters. Your Bimmer deserves some pampering.)

3. Don’t drive like a maniac.

We know, we know – you’re in the Ultimate Driving Machine, how can you help but enjoy it a little? Well, aside from the obvious concern of safety, your slick maneuvers can actually take years off the life of your BMW. For instance, revving the engine to warm up your car on chilly mornings (or to impress the onlookers admiring your sweet ride) can damage your car’s engine.

Slamming on the brakes or turning your steering wheel too far to the left or right can also damage your car. So don’t follow too closely, keep your eyes on the road and free of distractions, and avoid sharp turns wherever possible.

4. More

There are plenty more little things you can do, so if you’re ready for more tips on preserving the life of your BMW, contact us today to schedule an inspection and we’ll customize a plan based on the specific needs of your car.