MINI Overview

mini overview

At Coast Motor Werk we deliver what we promise and stand behind our work with a 3 year 36,000 miles warranty.

Knowing MINIs is the key to effectively servicing them. As owners of MINIs as well as mechanics working on them, we have extensive knowledge and experience that can’t be found elsewhere. We repair and maintain MINI vehicles efficiently and quickly at a fair price. We take pride in the fact that we know every nut and bolt in a MINI Cooper. We can honestly say we are better than the dealer in many ways, not just because we are less expensive.

We want you to be an informed MINI owner and be completely satisfied with our service, and if not we truly want to know.

Why is CMW your MINI dealership alternative?

Our approach to the care and maintenance of your MINI vehicle is very different from the dealer. BMW builds the very best vehicles and often sells them without much effort – the car simply sells itself. A typical visit to the sales department results in an immediate test drive, and once you drive it, you buy it. Other manufacturers “sell” their inferior vehicles and try very hard to “keep selling” the customer satisfied.

The BMW/MINI dealer knows you love your MINI, but the motivation to keep you loving it is perhaps lacking. The long lines, the wait for an advisor, the 1-2 week out appointment schedule, the long wait for a loaner. A typical visit can take an hour or more just to drop off your car. Then the repair can take far too long, and quite often does not get done right the first time. The expense is very high, and the odds of your car coming back to you better than before are low.

The “free scheduled maintenance” warranty period can be very frustrating, as only the indicated repairs can be performed. For example, if the check engine light comes on but there are still 700 miles until the oil service is due, the dealer will not service both. So you’re back to do it all over again a couple of weeks later.

We are here to satisfy you and your MINI’s needs as painlessly as possible. Bring your MINI in, and it will be thoroughly inspected and notes made regardless of warranty status. The recommended repairs and their importance level will be well explained and shown to you by a master mechanic.

  • The repair costs and time estimates will be accurately and thoroughly explained by a knowledgeable person and not pushed upon you.
  • When it’s time to pick up your vehicle, it will be ready, repaired, and your old parts will be available for you to inspect or keep if you wish.
  • All our employees are salaried not commissioned and are not pushed to complete repairs as fast as possible. We reward them for quality rather than quantity.
  • Our specialization in MINIs and BMWs is the reason we continually satisfy our customers.
  • Our locations, low overhead and efficiency are reasons we don’t have to charge what the dealer does. Quite often our prices are half of what the dealer charges for the same service or repair.
  • Fast turnaround: most repairs are performed the same day.
  • Accurate Diagnostics: because MINI and BMWs are all we do, we are more accurate with our diagnostics.