Why do we love Germany so much?

By November 7, 2014 April 17th, 2015 Blog

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If you’ve known Coast Motor Werk for any length of time, you know we get pretty jazzed up about all things related to that magical place called Deutschland. (“Germany”, for the lay person.)

Perhaps you’ve attended one of our nine annual Beer, Brats & BMWs events!

Why do we love Germany so much?

Or maybe you’re considering joining us for our 10th Anniversary trip to Germany! (Please!!)

Why do we love Germany so much?

So why the fascination with Germany?

Why do we love Germany so much? Well, first and foremost (and hopefully most obvious), we are crazy passionate about that fascinating machine known as the BMW, which originated in Bavaria, Germany in the early 1900s.

Among other things, Germany is known for its famous beer, delectable bratwurst, sauerkraut, and, come on – who doesn’t appreciate a well thought out lederhosen?

Why do we love Germany so much?

Fun Fact: BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke. We took a variation of the German word ‘werke’ and voilà! (Wait, that’s French) – Hier! Coast Motor Werk was born!

In addition to his passion for BMWs, our owner, Ron Inchausti, is an avid world traveler. He loves and appreciates the rich culture and history of the German people. Germany is filled with incredibly hard-working, industrious people who, though they may appear stoic and direct, have a deep sense of community and social conscience.

The Germans have made huge contributions to the arts, including poetry and literature and, most notably, classical music. As a people known for their precision and perfectionism, German architecture and engineering are highly respected industries, both in country and worldwide. This is why the BMW consistently ranks among the highest quality automobiles in existence.

We are proud to be a very small part of advancing the German culture in America by promoting and preserving the lives of BMWs everywhere. (And also by drinking beer and eating bratwurst.)